Recital Information

Recital Information

Centerville High School

Tentative — Show One on June 3 and/or June 4 2024

Tentative times – _____________ pm and Show Two_(date)___________, (time)________pm

Doors Open at(time) ___________pm


Your recital fee includes 2 free tickets per family per show. Extra tickets will be available for purchase by emailing the studio at [email protected]. Please let us know:

-Which show

-How many tickets you are requesting

Each additional ticket (don’t forget-you get some with your regular recital fee) will be $8. Your card on file will be automatically charged. *No refunds will be given.

*No food or drink permitted in the auditorium.

*Absolutely no dancers will be permitted in the auditorium during the shows.

*No reserving seats will be permitted.

What Do I Do When I Arrive at the Theatre?

*Find your dancer’s assigned room – Your dancer will be in the changing room for the duration of the shows. You are welcome to stay or check on them from time to time, but remember they are not to be in the auditorium with you, even sitting on laps.

If your child is too young to stay by themselves, please stay with them until a staff member lines them up for their performance. Some mothers take turns watching a group of dancers during the recital. It takes a village!

You may bring water and snacks to the dressing rooms but please clean up after yourself so we are permitted to use this facility again.

*Adults find your seat – Once your dancer is all set in the changing room, find your seat and relax and enjoy the show.

*After your child performs – They will be taken back to the changing room to prepare for the finale.

FINALE — If you plan on giving your dancer flowers, please give them to your dancer while they are in their dressing room as they can bring them on the stage during the Finale.

*Please stay for the entire show and do not leave when your child is done performing. All of our dancers work extremely hard during the season and we want to showcase all of their talent so please stay to the end and show your support for all. Don’t forget, every dancer will also be performing our traditional God Bless routine and Atutita, a fun song the dancers all enjoy! The FINALE is all part of the experience and creates wonderful memories.

Your child will be on the stage and parents will collect them from the stage as soon as the finale is complete.

Please clean up any trash around your seats. Centerville is very particular about keeping their facility in pristine condition.

We love what we do and we are beyond thankful to share this special time with you all.